Adventure Works Sample Databases

Adventure Works Database

From you can download one of the bespoke adventure works databases. They are good to use as a training and are one of the most used databases used in examples and courses of learning SQL on the web.

Microsoft® SQL Server® 2008 Management Studio Express

Microsoft® SQL Server® 2008 Management Studio

Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Management Studio Express is a free, integrated environment for accessing, configuring, managing, administering, and developing all components of SQL Server, as well as combining a broad group of graphical tools and rich script editors that provide access to SQL Server to developers and administrators of all skill levels.      


Inside Airbnb is a data-set I just discovered it exists. I’m quite exited to start analyzing  this data-set and make some cool graphs and get some insights of how Airbnb is being used in all the cities around the world. Inside Airbnb is an independent, non-commercial set of tools and data that allows you to explore how Airbnb is really being… Read More

Tableau public

Tableau Public

Tableau Public is the free version of a great application to create and share interactive charts and graphs, stunning maps, live dashboards and fun applications in minutes, and then publish anywhere on the web.

US Goverment’s Open Data  is the home of the U.S. Government’s open data. Here you can find Federal, state and local data, tools, and resources of the U.S. Government. The team works at the U.S. General Services Administration, and data on the site are provided by hundreds of organizations, including Federal agencies.

On the  website you can find public data released by the UK  Government to help people understand how government works and how policies are made. Some of this data is already available, but brings it together in one searchable website. There are datasets available from all central government departments and a number of other public… Read More


For this example I use the AdventureWorks2008DW database  and I’m processing the query inside MS SQL Management Studio 2008. The SUM function in T-SQL returns the sum of the numeric values in a given column. The basic statement is SUM(“column name”). Inside the select statement it will look as follows: SELECT SUM(SalesAmount) FROM FactInternetSales Above query will give you… Read More


T(ransact)-SQL is proprietary extension to SQL. SQL is an acronym for Structured Query Language.

How to SUM in excel

In excel you can sum cells automatically. For example you would like to get the sum of cell A1, A2, A3 and A4. You can select any specific cell to see the sum of these before mentioned cells and use the function =SUM(). Go to the cell where you would like to see the result… Read More