Hi all,

Welcome to my site. I’ve started this site because I’m a data geek and want to share some of my knowledge with the world. I remember how it was starting with all sort of tools to work with data. I had no clue about what the possibilities were. And how more I get to know, how more I realize  I don’t know yet.

The idea of this website is to share knowledge, from very basic stuff to more advanced covering all sort of topics and tools related to working with data. The whole process from mining, manipulating, loading,  analyzing and calculations to visualizing and giving insights.

I would like to cover training and how to, but also where to find other resources and to share my own analyses projects.

I hope this website can be of any use and that you will enjoy it. Any positive and constructive feedback is always welcome.

For now enjoy your day and get to know the true power of data :)