How to SUM in excel

In excel you can sum cells automatically. For example you would like to get the sum of cell A1, A2, A3 and A4. You can select any specific cell to see the sum of these before mentioned cells and use the function =SUM(). Go to the cell where you would like to see the result and enter =SUM(range). In this example it would be: =SUM(A1:A4). You can enter the range by typing or by selecting it with your mouse as shown in the following video.

Tip: The cells don’t have to be underneath each other. In example =SUM(A1:D8) or you can select several cells that are not connected by using =SUM(A1,C4,D8). Notice the difference? Instead of selecting a range using : the , is being used to select cells on there own. You can either select the cells by typing, or by selecting it by holding the ctrl button when clicking on the individual cell belonging to the selection.



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